What Is Digital Plumbing?

Setting up the digital plumbing allows you to track users who have interacted with your page. Whether they visited a specific page, pressed a button on your site, signed up for your newsletter, or bought something on your site.

 Tracking all of that allows you to see where your traffic is coming from, what they are doing, and most importantly allows you to re-market to them! 

This allows you to run warm traffic through your funnel. 

“Warm traffic is the best when it comes to online advertising and conversion, because these are usually traffic of people who are familiar with your business and need the least resistance to make a purchase”

The digital plumbing package is to help you figure out what is working, what’s not working, and we start by making sure that you have the right tracking in place.

Imagine if you knew what was working across your website, and your Google search results, and your Facebook ads, and your Google Analytics.

What if we tied all those together so you could see traffic and conversions across all of them, and we could put in place tracking so that we could do re-marketing, so that people who were on your website you could follow them up with an ad. People who engaged with you on Facebook you could show them the next message. People who watched a video of yours on Twitter you could then send them to the website so that they could contact you. Or the knowledge that you put out there on YouTube they could learn more and be able to contact you and maybe even walk into your office.

Imagine if you knew what was working across your website, and your Google search results, and your Facebook ads, and your Google Analytics,

Imagine if you had all that in place – that’s our digital plumbing package.

What We Will Do For You?

  • Set Up Google Analytics With Google Tag Manager
  • Create your Website Custom Audience on Facebook.
  • Set up Facebook Pixels & Standards Events with GTM.
  • Set up Google Remarketing Pixel using GTM.
  • Set up AdWords Conversion Tracking with GTM.
  • Publish your GTM container and tags to your website.
  • Verify everything is set up correctly.


Everything in the digital plumbing package is governed by a checklist, because we are operating step-by-step.

In the same way if you’re a cook and you have a recipe, we’re following this exact recipe for chocolate chip cookies so we know that we have consistent results.

Because it’s a checklist, it’s about implementation, it’s not about consultation.

The reason why this package is so affordably priced is because we’re here to get it done and you have me overseeing it to make sure that these items are done correctly so you don’t have to worry about trying to figure it out yourself or whether it was done properly.​