Express Personal Branding

Catapult Your Influence And Become The Authority with The Personal Branding Package

Our goal is to grow your online presence and turn you into a thought leader because when you are passionate about what you do, it reflects in your brand, making people want to work with you.


This is a done-for-you package-- all implementation, no consulting.

For $500, our team of specialists will get your Personal brand moving in the right direction! After 6 weeks, we’ll be able to provide you with the proper assets to keep track of all your content across your social channels, Give you insights to what types of content are resonating with your target audience, and get your brand to the point where you can start seeing traction.

That’s not all! This will also allow us to re-market YOUR content to website visitors: analyzing which website visitors are buyers, building custom audiences in Facebook, and running warm traffic through YOUR funnel. 


Setup a public figure page on all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn if you don’t already have them.  

You need to be willing to provide 9 pieces of content (articles you’ve written, blog posts, speaker reel, your book, customer testimonials) that we can use to test and learn together on what works and doesn’t.

Willingness to spend $400/month on ads to test. (optional)

We’ll recommend investment levels based on your performance.

Your Value Marketer investment doesn’t include ad spend.



  • Sell books or courses
  • Public speaker
  • Increase professional reputation 
  • Drive more inbound leads/sales via authority
  • More public speaking engagements
  • Raise my authority as entrepreneur 

Need help completing the pre-requisites? We can help you complete them.


  • Week One: Quick Audit
  • Week Two: Creation of your content library
  • Week Three: Creation of your Topic Wheel
  • Week Four: Assemble a 3 X 3 grid
  • Week Five: Boosting on Facebook
  • Week Six: Creation of "Greatest Hit" list
  • Bonus: Analysis, learnings, next steps

Is the EXPRESS Personal Branding For You?

When you fill out the application to work with us we'll be able to gauge what you're doing well, what you'll need to improve, and where we can intervene to help. Basically, we'll know if this package is the best fit for your needs. We have this in place to ensure that your hard-earned cash is put to good use.

Start Your Personal Brand Strategy!