Power Hour With Joseph

Running Facebook Ads and not seeing the return or profit you'd like? Maybe you want to pick my brains...

What Is A Power Hour?

If you're new to Facebook ads, chances are you're making simple mistakes that are costing you financially.

If you're already running ads, there's chance that a few simple tweaks to your campaigns could have a huge impact that completely change the game.

The power hour is your chance to work directly 1:1 with me. For just $70, we'll jump on Zoom, share screens and work on your campaigns together.

Everyone who implements what they learn on the call see benefits that massively outweigh the initial investment.

In the power hour we can...

  • Dive into your campaigns to evaluate ad performance, identifying areas you can improve so you can generate a better return from your ads
  • Work together on your Facebook advertising strategy, so you don't waste any more money on campaigns that will never work
  • ​You can 'pick my brain' on anything to do with Facebook, advertising, running a marketing agency etc.
  • Work together on building your first campaign, so you know you're getting off to the best start and giving yourself the best chance of success

Problems we can solve:

Under-performing ad campaigns

​Not knowing where to start

Facebook leaving you feel a little overwhelmed

You're not seeing the results you want from Facebook

​Not having someone to double-check the work you've done